All type of medicines available at our Retail Outlets with our Trained Qualified Pharmacists

Diabetic Care
Diabetic Foods & Care, Diabetic Monitors, Strips & Accessories, Sugar Substitutes

Baby Care
Baby Feeding, Baby Food & Formula, Baby Hygiene & Grooming, Diapering, Nursery Furniture & Strollers.

Health Supplements and Nutrition
By Ailment & Condition, Herbs, Protein Powders, Vitamin & Supplements, Weight Management

Beauty Care
Makeup, Skin Care, Sun Care

Personal Care
Bath & Body, Feminine Care, Foot Care, Hair Care, Oral Care, Shaving & Grooming, Hand Sanitizer

Home & Living
Fresheners & Fragrances, Health Hygiene, Household Cleaner, Household Needs, Insect Repellents, Travel, Air Purifiers, Pollution Mask, Appliances

In-Home Healthcare Solutions
Acidity & Gastric Discomfort, Antiseptic and Anti-Fungal, Home Tests & Monitoring, Incontinence-Elderly Care, Massager, Mobility Aids, Pain Management.

Medical Equipments
Branded Home Care Medical Equipment Available

Sexual Wellness
Condoms & Contraception, Pleasure, Accessories